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Reporting From China, Challenges in the Field

Mike Chinoy Reporting From China, Challenges in the Field

As China has relaxed controls on internal movement, controls on press freedom have also relaxed.  Mike Chinoy recalls the early days of reporting from China, when government minders, frightened citizens, and limited mobility meant Western journalists were forced to interpret this massively complex country through a keyhole view.  Today, foreign journalists in China enjoy broad freedom of movement and can talk to anyone willing to talk to them, and thanks to the prevalence of the internet most news travels too fast to be censored completely.

Journalistic Self-Censorship in China

Jeremy Goldkorn Journalistic Self-Censorship in China

A culture of self-censorship has proven more effective than direct orders from official state propaganda departments.  The thin line between permitted news and taboo is unclear and constantly shifting places, which forces journalists to practice self-censorship to avoid crossing it and attracting unwanted attention.

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