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Social Entrepreneurship in China: Main Trends and Startup Advice

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Mihela and Chris discuss current and future social entrepreneurship trends in China. Much like the development of internet usage in China, concepts like sustainable development and social entrepreneurship were relatively unknown 5 years ago, but thanks to efforts by major celebrities and grassroots NGOs, awareness is growing steadily and quickly. Mihela and Chris argue that social entrepreneurship is a method to contribute to positive social change in China.

 In China, where the legal standing of non-government organizations is dubious, social ventures like Greenovate are able to forge ahead with their missions because the government is supportive of formal for-profit businesses that have philanthropic inclinations.  However, nobody ever said that running a business in China was easy, especially when your goal is to educate an entire generation about sustainability.

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About Mihela Hladin & Chris Pothaar

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Greennovate is a social business bringing together sustainability expertise from various segments and industries to provide environmental concepts that contribute to the quality of life in China. Greennovate is also a founder of GECKO, Greennovate Environmental Challenge for Kids Outreach and MaGiC, Made GREEN in China open initiative. [Full Bio]
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