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Sea Change: Asia as the New Global Economic Center of Gravity

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Dr. Mobley discusses trends and issues the Chinese economy will face during the next decade. Such trends include the shift of the global economic center of gravity to Asia, caused by the transformation of the Chinese and Indian economies from manufacturing dependent on foreign direct investment to consumer-fueled and focused on value-added sectors. He also discusses the disparity in wealth between China’s east coast and the western provinces, and how it could be exacerbated by the aging of China’s population, where a generation of "only children" will be expected to care for multiple elderly relatives.

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About William Mobley

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Dr. Mobley has served as corporate manager of HR research and succession planning; a university professor, dean and president; founder of three companies; an organizational consultant and executive coach. For the past 16 years he has resided in Asia where he started the Global Research Consortia (GRC); launched the PDI Hong Kong and Shanghai offices and led PDI A/P; For the past three years, has led his own firms, working with a number of... [Full Bio]
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