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Forged in Purgatory

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Lessons for High-Tech and Web Entrepreneurs in China

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Adaptation is the key to success in China.  Taking a trusted business strategy from the old-world and copy/pasting it into China would be like taking a dinosaur to a horse race.  When entering the China market, Victor Wong recommends that companies “assume they’re going to Mars” and develop completely new tactics and strategies if they expect to survive in China's competitive and constantly evolving market. He focuses on the value of talent, and describes how he prefers building a small, high performance team rather than an army of hundreds.

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About Victor Wong

Victor Wong
Victor Wong has overseen the development of Speak2Me's products and services since its inception, and has over ten years of business experience in East Asia. In 1997, he developed a series of print, web and multimedia English teaching products for the Taiwan News newspaper. In 1999, he was recruited by Ulead Systems, a graphic and video software company, to lead their US web and e-commerce development, and oversaw the redesign and deployment of... [Full Bio]
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