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Lessons for Entrepreneurs in China's Service Industry

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The service industry psychology is that the customer experience is paramount.  Georgie Yam warns that taking care of your employees should also be a priority, lest their unhappiness trickle down throughout the business.  He recommends that entrepreneurs in the service sector invest themselves in genuinely caring about improving the quality of life of their staff, so they can in turn focus on their job and deliver the experience customers expect.

Mr. Yam shares valuable lessons for entrepreneurs in the service industry in China. He discusses the importance of staying focused, developing a comprehensive franchising strategy as early as possible during the life of the business, staying ahead of competitors and genuinely caring about improving the quality of life of your staff.

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About Georgie Yam

Georgie Yam Dragonfly Founder and CEO 2
Georgie Yam launched Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat in February 2003. This was followed in May 2004 by the Dragonfly Nailspa. With his sharp vision and strong leadership he has since expanded the company from an initial staff of 8 to now over 700 professional staff members. From one tiny shop in Shanghai the business has grown into a chain with 15 shops in China and one overseas in Dubai, UAE, all in pursuit of Georgie’s vision to “Relax the... [Full Bio]
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