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How Cross Strait M&A Can Develop Global Chinese Brands

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Taiwan’s global dominance in many leading technological sectors and its international managerial expertise make Taiwanese companies ideal partners for Chinese firms seeking leadership positions in local and global markets.  C.Y. Huang explains how combining the complementary capabilities of Taiwanese and Chinese firms in sectors such as retail, food, electronics, and financial services spurs the development of China-grown brands that may dominate domestic, regional and global markets.

 He covers such topics as:

  • Mutual benefits arising from cross straits M&A
  • Complementary expertise and resources to tackle global markets
  • Taiwan’s retail expertise, international experience and people software
  • Acquisition, application and transplanting Taiwanese capabilities
  • Development of China as a consumer electronics market
  • LED industry illustration as opportunity
  • Converged Chinese brands supersede PRC and Taiwanese brands.

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About C. Y. Huang

CY Huang head
CY Huang is one of the foremost experts in investment banking in Greater China. Mr. Huang was born in Taiwan and left the Island to pursue his education at Stanford University in the United States.  After finishing his education he began his long career in the investment banking field, starting in New York’s JP-Morgan. Later, he returned to Asia where he founded several companies and successfully closed a number of landmark M&A... [Full Bio]
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