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Empathetic Education Breeds Happy Citizens: Montessori in China

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Judy Townsend talks about her experience in Shanghai and her forecast for the development of the Montessori organization in China.

China’s economic boom is bringing quality education within reach to many more people than at any time in China’s past.  While gains in material wealth are impressive, Judy Townsend is concerned that traditional values in China are being eroded by consumerism.

In this video Ms. Townsend talks about the Montessori Method as a way to raise healthy and happy citizens in China and about the efforts of the Montessori organization to build a strong, local base in China.

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About Judy Townsend

Judy Townsend Headshot
In her career she has helped to train dozens of Montessori educators as a member of the American Montessori Society “AMS”. Judy Townsend was invited to lead the Shanghai Campus of the Montessori School, and has become a pioneer in holistic education in China.  [Full Bio]
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