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Developing Renewable Energy Partnerships

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Serious about renewable energy, new Chinese government incentives have sent manufacturers scrambling to grab market share, and foreign expertise, technology and know-how are welcome. Husayn Anwar discusses the importance of two critical factors to develop strong and successful partnerships in the renewable energy industry in China: conducting extensive due diligence on potential partners, local governments and the industry as a whole, and bringing value-added to these partnerships.

Mr. Anwar argues that while it is important for foreign investors to protect their technology and know-how, the fact that these change so quickly in this young industry diminishes the adverse effects of potential leaks. He suggests that energy would be better spent on establishing joint R&D operations to develop new technologies together with the local partner, so they benefit from it and have an incentive to protect the new shared intellectual property.

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About Husayn Anwar

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After receiving his post-graduate degrees in Civil Engineering at Stanford University, Dr Anwar accumulated extensive environmental and social development management experience in the United States, Canada and South East Asia before relocating to China. His professional activities in the past 19 years have included consulting with governments, industry and international lending institutions for major projects. Dr... [Full Bio]
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