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Crisis Response Best Practices in China

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Companies spend vast sums to cultivate the kind of image that will help them become more profitable, but when a crisis hits, all that investment in public trust could be replaced by skepticism, as well as financial and legal ruin.  David Chard specializes in teaching executives to resist the knee-jerk reaction to “shut up and lock down”.  His main message: Preparedness.

 Mr. Chard shares best practices for any organization to prevent and react effectively to crises generated by defective products, disgruntled employee misconduct or white collar crime. He begins by discussing the difference between an “issue” and a “crisis”, stating that “an issue can be managed and has little impact in your organization. You’ll know it’s a crisis because when it’s over, the organization is never the same again.” He then covers crisis response “do’s-and-don’ts” by using classic examples such as the Tylenol cyanide scandal and the Ford/Firestone tire recall. He also shares best practices to develop and maintain relationships with local media while stressing the importance of taking a proactive approach and developing a high performance crisis response team before disaster knocks on your door.

 It’s not the hardest punch that knocks you out, it’s the one you don’t see coming

-Muhammad Ali

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About David Chard

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David's career experience spans three successful entrepreneurial start-ups, including branch offices for J.Walter Thompson and Hill and Knowlton. In 1997 his own firm, Profiles Corporate Communications, was acquired by Edelman Public Relations Worldwide. He has accumulated over 30 years of professional experience in Greater China and the Asia Pacific region. David is recognized for his deep experience in strategic crisis counsel and corporate... [Full Bio]
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