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Approval Procedure for Joint Ventures in China

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Nick provides a detailed chart of the process to establish a joint venture in China. This roadmap demystifies the process by setting forth clearly the role and tasks of each participant in a joint venture formation, from the concept stage through the wrap up stages. This lifts the curtain and illustrates at each stage in a Joint Venture’s life cycle what the foreign/local JV parties are supposed to do as well as the legal/business team and the government. Based on over thirty years of supporting companies do business in China, Nick maps out the “soup to nuts, appetizer to dessert” entire China JV approval process for everyone to see clearly without any need to pay a lawyer, accountant or consultant.

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About Nicholas V. Chen

Nicholas V. Chen - Pamir Law Group
Nick is a practical, street-smart client resource who provides: (i) an integrated business and legal approach focused on Client Growth, (ii) a Focus on Results, (iii) Cost Effectiveness, (iv) Effective Communication, and (v) Home Turf Advantage in Greater China. He has successfully completed hundreds of foreign investments into Greater China in all coastal and many interior provinces for Fortune 100 Multinational Corporations,... [Full Bio]
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