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The Importance of Public Trust to the Development of CSR

Henri-Claude The Importance of Public Trust to the Development of CSR

CSR is at a crossroads in China.  While the government and business community openly extol its virtues, an incomplete understanding of its principles and a tendency to misuse CSR to whitewash unsavory business practices could fuel public skepticism, resulting in the evaporation of public trust.  Professor Bettignies discusses these and other potential pitfalls, as well as factors that could accelerate the adoption of CSR in China, including support from the government, civil society, activist entrepreneurs and the globalization of China's formerly insular business sectors. 

China's New and Original Approach to CSR

henri claude Chinas New and Original Approach to CSR

Professor Bettignies talks in this video about how different concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility coexist in China today.  He contrasts the Western tradition, embraced by multinationals, and the more cost effective, humanistic approach based on Confucianism that is found even in small family own businesses. Professor Bettignies discusses how the blending of both of these concepts is producing an entirely new approach for CSR made in and for China.

CSR's Inroads Into China

henri claude CSRs Inroads Into China

Professor Bettignies talks about the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, its importance in the philosophy of business and the way that it is addressed in China.

The concept of CSR was once viewed as an invention alien to the Chinese business world. However, it is gaining popularity as one practical way to achieve the goal of Social Harmony set out by the Chinese leadership.

Introducing AVIRA

henri claude Introducing AVIRA

Professor Bettignies talks about his AVIRA training program for Chief Executives.

INSEAD started AVIRA as a pilot program which offered one convenient alternative for busy executives to develop their Corporate Social Responsibility awareness.  Indeed, AVIRA stands for "Awareness" of the surrounding environment, "Vision", "Imagination", their "Responsibility" as individuals, corporate and family leaders and their ability to take quick and effective "Action".

Economic Research as a Tool for Change

Mao Yushi Economic Research as a Tool for Change

Professor Mao talks about the history and achievements of the Unirule Institute of Economics, focusing on how the guiding principles of intellectual independence and social responsibility have enabled the institute to gain and maintain their position as China's foremost private economic policy think tank. 

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