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Lessons on Ecological Rehabilitation From the Loess Plateau

John D Liu Lessons on Ecological Rehabilitation From the Loess Plateau

The Environmental Education Media Project (EEMP) documented a decade long World Bank project located in the north central China Loess Plateau, which dramatically and successfully transformed an area larger than Belgium from a totally devastated wasteland into a fully functional eco-system. This experience is now being transferred from China to successful national and local efforts in Africa in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. The UNEP and other organizations are cooperating to share this knowledge globally.

Building Partnerships for Success

Alfred Chen Building Partnerships for Success

Namchow’s success is based on diversity, constant improvement and win-win partnerships. Namchow’s evolution from a premier local manufacturing and distribution partner for international consumer groups to a leading retail brand in restaurants (including Paulaner Brähaus), edible oils and bakeries has been the result of Namchow’s evolving strategy over six decades.

CSR's Inroads Into China

henri claude CSRs Inroads Into China

Professor Bettignies talks about the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, its importance in the philosophy of business and the way that it is addressed in China.

The concept of CSR was once viewed as an invention alien to the Chinese business world. However, it is gaining popularity as one practical way to achieve the goal of Social Harmony set out by the Chinese leadership.

Alternative Foreign Entry Vehicles into China

Nick Alternative Foreign Entry Vehicles into China

Nicholas V. Chen explains  that depending on one’s business goals, one will necessarily select a China legal structure specifically tailored to conduct such a business. Unlike in some western societies where one form of company can be used for a broad unlimited business scope, in China different corporate structures are used for different purposes. It is important to understand the structural options to avoid trying to cram a round peg through a square hole.

China is Trying Hard to be a Positive Environmental Example to Other Countries

Wu Changhua China is Trying Hard to be a Positive Environmental Example to Other Countries

Ms. Wu talks about China’s strategy to balance economic growth with sustainable development.  As the world’s most populous country and foremost exporter, China faces a difficult challenge to prevent its economic miracle from turning into an environmental tragedy. She emphasizes China’s efforts to reduce its carbon emissions, and its success in keeping a rather ambitious schedule in switching to alternative energy.  In this way, the giant of the east sets an example for other countries around the world.

Journalistic Self-Censorship in China

Jeremy Goldkorn Journalistic Self-Censorship in China

A culture of self-censorship has proven more effective than direct orders from official state propaganda departments.  The thin line between permitted news and taboo is unclear and constantly shifting places, which forces journalists to practice self-censorship to avoid crossing it and attracting unwanted attention.

Building High Performance Multicultural Teams in China

Hora Tjitra Building High Performance Multicultural Teams in China

Dr. Hora Tjitra explains how to unlock the potential of multicultural teams in China, which according to his research perform either considerably better or considerably worse than mono-cultural teams, but rarely the same.  A deep appreciation of your team's cultural assets can give your company the edge to succeed in China's dynamic market.. He discusses how managers who learn to correctly identify and leverage cultural differences among team members can gain a competitive advantage inside and outside their organization, especially in large, complex projects.

China Entrepreneur: Voices of Experience from 40 Business Pioneers

Laurie Underwood China Entrepreneur: Voices of Experience from 40 Business Pioneers

China is now the world’s second largest economy and a hotspot for direct foreign investment. It holds enormous potential for entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized enterprises are now emerging as a significant source of the nation’s industrial output. Understanding and navigating inherent cultural differences and the constantly changing legal and regulatory environment are critical to survive and thrive in this dynamic arena. 

China Macroeconomic Trends

Michael Kurtz China Macroeconomic Trends

As available capital and labor pools shrink in China, local and foreign companies will be forced to transition from labor-intensive to value-added industries to sustain growth. Michael Kurtz discusses the two main trends that will affect the nature of economic activity and the financial markets in China over the next decade.


Understanding Chinese Market Forces

Michael Kurtz Understanding Chinese Market Forces

China is more efficient and open than it has ever been, but the government still has a heavy hand in the market.  No analysis of China’s financial markets is realistic unless it accounts for distortion in favor of government policies and goals.  Distorting effects of Chinese business culture and intense government involvement in the market are facts of business life in China.  Mr.

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