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Being the First In - Selling Skin Care in the Chinese Market

olya eastman Being the First In - Selling Skin Care in the Chinese Market

Olya Eastman is a long-time resident of Shanghai and who relocated from Vladivostok, She is the founder of Delicious! A revolutionary concept in skin care in China. She describes the ideal employee, best practices for entering the China market and the challenge of raising awareness of natural skin care products.

The Montessori Method in Shanghai

Judy Townsend 1

Ms. Townsend gives a general description of the Montessori Method of education and its advantages over conventional education.

Dr. María Montessori, an Italian doctor and educator, developed the Montessori Method from her observations of the behavior of children in a natural environment and visualized the Method as a holistic approach to education.

Ms. Townsend talks about her decision to move to China to spread the Montessori Method, and explains the features that make this method different from any other approach to children's education.

Empathetic Education Breeds Happy Citizens: Montessori in China

Judy Townsend 3

Judy Townsend talks about her experience in Shanghai and her forecast for the development of the Montessori organization in China.

China’s economic boom is bringing quality education within reach to many more people than at any time in China’s past.  While gains in material wealth are impressive, Judy Townsend is concerned that traditional values in China are being eroded by consumerism.

Lessons for Entrepreneurs in China's Service Industry

Georgie Yam Lessons for Entrepreneurs in China's Service Industry

The service industry psychology is that the customer experience is paramount.  Georgie Yam warns that taking care of your employees should also be a priority, lest their unhappiness trickle down throughout the business.  He recommends that entrepreneurs in the service sector invest themselves in genuinely caring about improving the quality of life of their staff, so they can in turn focus on their job and deliver the experience customers expect.

Food and Beverage Marketing in China

Frank Li Food and Beverage Marketing in China

A man walks into a bar in Shanghai and orders a beer.  A man walks into a bar in Urumqi and orders a beer.  What's the difference? Language, price, infrastructure, promotion, even the necessity of bar girls, just to name a few of the numerous factors that affect beer marketing in China. 

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