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Forged in Purgatory

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Crisis Response Best Practices in China

david chard Crisis Response Best Practices

Companies spend vast sums to cultivate the kind of image that will help them become more profitable, but when a crisis hits, all that investment in public trust could be replaced by skepticism, as well as financial and legal ruin.  David Chard specializes in teaching executives to resist the knee-jerk reaction to “shut up and lock down”.  His main message: Preparedness.

The Rationale for Taiwan as the Management Hub for Greater China

miao chen The Rationale for Taiwan as the Management Hub for Greater China

China's increasingly dominant position in the world economy makes it an undeniably important component of any company's global business strategy.  Unfortunately, doing business in China still requires players to run a gauntlet of bureaucratic and practical obstacles.  Professor Chen suggests looking to Taiwan for help entering the China market.  Taiwan has linguistic and cultural links with China, as well as a mature legal environment that could make it an ideal home base for Greater China operations.

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