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Thought leaders, scholars and analysts focus on societal and market issues and trends.

Reporting From China, Challenges in the Field

Mike Chinoy Reporting From China, Challenges in the Field

As China has relaxed controls on internal movement, controls on press freedom have also relaxed.  Mike Chinoy recalls the early days of reporting from China, when government minders, frightened citizens, and limited mobility meant Western journalists were forced to interpret this massively complex country through a keyhole view.  Today, foreign journalists in China enjoy broad freedom of movement and can talk to anyone willing to talk to them, and thanks to the prevalence of the internet most news travels too fast to be censored completely.

Introducing the Committee of 100

Tang Introducing the Committee of 100

The Committee of 100 (C100) was formed in June 1989 by a group of Chinese-Americans, many of them leading figures, to start a dialogue on how to save US-China relations. Fifty to sixty people assembled at the studio of I.M. Pei to devise a strategy. Six key people outlined the principles and goals of the organization. Henry S. Tang was one of them.

A History of Foreign Media in China

Mei Yan A History of Foreign Media in China

The role of music, culture and media in the evolution of societies is widely recognized worldwide.  Mei Yan outlines the shift of young audience tastes from foreign to local content, the development of brand strength, and a strategy to create and maintain brand loyalty.  With highly competitive and saturated media sectors in developed countries, China represents a unique growth opportunity for large international media producers, which have sought strategies to reach Chinese audiences since the 1990’s.

Modern Migrant Entrepreneur

Ji Modern Migrant Entrepreneur

Mr Ji gives a voice and a face to the daily realities of 200 millions of modern migrant entrepreneurs in China, who seek a better life in a rapidly changing society. This is the world’s largest human migration in history. Mr. Ji left his home of farmers in rural Renyi Shandong province and came to Shanghai to earn a living and support his family. He opened a small breakfast stand preparing his secret hometown recipe for “Cui Bing” (crispy pancake).

Wang Wei on the China M&A Association

Wang Wei Wang Wei on the China M&A Association

China is the largest M&A market in Asia.  The China M&A Association provides the research, experience and the guanxi necessary to help deals move forward.  With clubs in five cities, each headed by a prominent local official and members taken from the top five players in any given field, the China M&A Association is a positive catalyst and resource to change China for the better. Mr Wang says:


The Honeymoon is Over: Death of the Coke-Huiyuan Deal

Wang Wei The Honeymoon is Over: Death of the Coke-Huiyuan Deal

For decades international investors have grown their businesses in China both organically and by mergers and acquisitions.  In 2009, Coca-Cola and Huiyuan, China’s largest juice company, agreed to combine. If consummated, it would have been the largest foreign acquisition of a Chinese company in history. The Chinese regulatory authority blocked the deal as having an anti-competitive impact on the market. Executives at both Coca-Cola and Huiyuan, and many professional financial and strategic investors, were shocked.

Proper Mindset for Doing Deals in China

victor nee Proper Mindset for Doing Deals in China

Victor W. Nee talks about the importance of building synergy in China, whether it is with the government or your local partner. Since confidence and personal trust are even more important than any written contract in Chinese society, the building of this confidence through synergy and win-win agreements is an essential ingredient for the success of any business venture in China.

Economic Research as a Tool for Change

Mao Yushi Economic Research as a Tool for Change

Professor Mao talks about the history and achievements of the Unirule Institute of Economics, focusing on how the guiding principles of intellectual independence and social responsibility have enabled the institute to gain and maintain their position as China's foremost private economic policy think tank. 

China's Middle Class Aspirations

Laurie Duthie China's Middle Class Aspirations

Ms. Duthie shares her insight about China's middle class, from its unique definition to current and future lifestyle trends. She also discusses emerging industries that will likely experience increased growth by catering to this growing segment of the population. 

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