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Forged in Purgatory

iChinaForum is proud to present the first ever personal account of the Cultural Revolution written and published by a high ranking political insider in English. [Learn More]



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iChinaForum is an online/on-demand platform to empower users to obtain valuable insights and practical solutions from experts quickly, easily and cost-effectively. iChinaForum’s special role and mission is to share access to real people who can get-to-the-key-point quickly in short bite-sized videos. We believe this is what every busy decision-maker needs in China/Taiwan. We hope iChinaForum is a helpful resource to build your success.

Please share iChinaForum with your friends. Let us know how we can further support your success and better complete our role and mission.

Below we recognize the people who have made iChinaForum possible with their support:

Nicholas V. Chen 

Nick’s involvement with China began in the early 1970’s when China opened its UN Mission in New York. He describes his first visit to China in 1973 as his initiation into the “Class of 1973”. Nick anchors the founding organizers of iChinaForum. Like others on the Board of Advisors, he has multiple decades of experience bridging businesses and people between China and the rest of the world. The Board is composed of many seasoned China hands from diverse backgrounds. Their areas of China expertise is broad and spanns many decades from as early as the Second World War.

Nick began conceptualizing iChinaForum in the late 90s, when streaming video over the Internet was unheard of and traditional broadcasting was prohibitively expensive except for large companies. He bankrolled early efforts until technology evolved to make the platform cost effective. His involvement in US-China-Taiwan relations since the 1970’s provides the foundations for an extensive network of contacts, diverse perspectives and ideas which has resulted in iChinaForum being able to present a broader practical perspective on the “real face of China.”

As a result of 30 years of “holding client’s hands when crossing the street” to do business in China/Taiwan, Nick realized that there is a huge need for China market-grounded (i) strategic planning perspectives, and (ii) practical business/legal tools to grow and protect a business. Being able to access this kind of information quickly helps decision-makers to face the challenges of one of the world’s most important markets.

Juan Carlos Madrigal  

Juan Carlos is the architect of the iChinaForum platform. Since his arrival to the team, he evangelized and lobbied to turn iChinaForum into an online platform to distinguish it from the myriad of already established conference and networking clubs. He is the proverbial glue/duct tape that has pulled iChinaForum together by creating and executing plans to transform Nick's concept into tangible results. He built almost singlehandedly (although he credits important assistance by enlisting help from the Drupal community). He also leads marketing and promotion activities. He often engages in lengthy word-smithing sessions with Nick. He is winning some of them now.

Michael Garber 

Mike is responsible for creating the magic moving and static pictures you see on this site. He coordinates all video production activities in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei, from speaker identification to recording and editing. He also helps write copy and manages a small militia of freelance camera operators and editors.

Jenna Wu  

Jenna heads our “boots on the ground” team in Shanghai and is in charge of making things happen there. She assists with speaker identification, scheduling recording sessions, and conducting interviews from time to time.

Sabrina Shi

Sabrina headed our “boots on the ground” team in Beijing and was in charge of making things happen there leading to launch. She assisted with speaker identification, scheduling recording sessions, and conducting interviews from time to time. She has since moved on to greener pastures, but we acknowledge and value her precious contribution all the same.


The following is a list of people who have contributed in one way or another to make iChinaForum happen. Our deepest appreciation goes to all of them.

Susan Huang – Editor

Max Huang – Editor

Tobie Openshaw - Editor

Roger Mu – Editor

Rebecca Wu – Editor

Andrew Birchett – Camera Operator

Oscar Hurtado Pinto – Camera Operator

Betty Liu – Translator and Subtitle Author

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